About Us

An Investment Philosophy You Can Bank On — Your Needs Come First

As your personal financial advisor, my primary service is to meet your needs through professional money management. I use stock and index investing for growth and income and create laddered bond fixed income portfolios. I will work with you to identify your objectives and to create prudent strategies for your goal  achievement. I can also work hand in hand with your CPA and attorney to seamlessly coordinate all  aspects of your business and financial life. You will benefit from retirement plan guidance along  with creative annuity, long term care and life insurance solutions.

 A Unique Perspective On Cost and Risk Control

Whether you are a conservative or moderate styled investor, by using my unique “Defensive Investing Strategies,” Pacific Financial Planners is able to control costs, and more importantly manage risks, by properly diversifying your portfolio, accounting for your specific objectives and current investment outlook. We believe that it is far easier to preserve what you already have than to make up what you may have lost. Therefore, Pacific Financial Planners implements a unique sell discipline and stop-loss procedure to aid in further protection of your portfolio, while allowing for moderate, steady growth of your assets. Your financial security and peace of mind are our founding principles.

Your Portfolio Management

The protection of your capital is equally as important as growing your investments. Put Pacific Financial Planners to work for you, so you can enjoy your free moments doing what you like best—whether managing your business, hobbies, or spending time with your family. With our guidance, we will structure a financial plan that allows you to achieve your most important goals. Using a prudent approach, your plan will be implemented and guided by us to ensure capital preservation and provide for long-term asset accumulation creating solid retirement income.

Developing and Fostering Trust To Build A Long-Term Relationship

Helping you define and reach your financial objectives is our primary goal. You are ensured the best quality personal service, constant account monitoring, objectivity, and expert financial advice throughout the various stages of your financial life. With Pacific Financial Planners, you can feel secure that your assets are protected, properly allocated and designed to provide the income, growth and safety that you need. You have our commitment that your inquiries and concerns will be immediately addressed. You can feel confident in your relationship with Pacific Financial Planners.
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