Our Services

Pacific Financial Planners, LLC. Is a full service provider for all of your financial needs. Whether you are looking to increase the Income, Safety, Growth or Liquidity on your portfolio we are knowledgeable and have all the right products and experience to help you achieve your goals.

We can manage accounts as a Registered Investment Advisory firm employing full discretion. We have turnkey portfolios which takes the day to day decision making headache of what, when and how much to invest from you and onto us. You still have complete transparency and access to all activities with regards to your account 24 hours a day seven days a week.

We, as an Advisory Firm, are held to a higher standard to “Put Your Interests First.” Many clients like this approach best as this allows us to take the responsibility of managing your portfolio and you manage us, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

If you do want to be more involved our Series 7 broker’s license will come into the portfolio management side. We will match products (all publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs or hybrid investments) to your needs on a commission basis.

Many High Net Worth Investors can benefit from our years of experience creating “Laddered Bond Portfolios.” Most of the time we employ highly rated Municipal Bonds, but there have been many occasions where US Government or Corporate Bonds were the preferred choice. We also set up Children’s Educational Accounts mostly working with 529 Plan Custodians to ensure money is there when your child is ready for college.

In addition we are Insurance Licensed. No financial plan is complete without a full review of your insurance needs. Whether it is straight Life Insurance to protect against an untimely death, to Estate Planning tools or even Long Term Care Insurance, Pacific Financial Planners has access to the top Insurance providers today to protect you and your family. The use of Insured Annuities to protect a portion of your retirement account may also be discussed to protect your retirement assets.

These services are provided with the utmost amount of experience and professionalism to ensure that your needs and the needs of your family are always taken care of.

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